1. SURVEY: Lake County Road Safety

    We are partnering up with local municipalities and law enforcement agencies to look at road safety here in Lake County. Crash data and accident reports can only tell us part of the story, we need you to tell us the rest. Please Take Survey
  2. LCDOT Contributes to a Sustainable Lake County

    Learn about current sustainable practices at LCDOT and what you can do to contribute to a sustainable transportation system in Lake County. Learn More
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Lake County Road Safety

Making sure that Lake County roads, bridges and bike paths are safe for the traveling public is the top priority of the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT), local government agencies and police departments. Together we have formed a multi-jurisdictional Safety Task Force to look for opportunities to enhance safety for Lake County residents. We can study the crash data and look for engineering improvements or enforcement strategies to make roads safer, but we need your help. As a road user, there are decisions you make and actions you take that have an impact on the safety of everyone around you. Many serious injury or fatal crashes are the result of driver behavior and can be prevented. Please join us and together we can make sure we all get home safely at the end of the day.