Housing Fund Management Guide

Planning, administering and operating an affordable housing activity is a rewarding - but challenging - venture. The federal regulations with which Project Sponsors of the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program must comply can be very complex. Lake County Community Development and the Lake County HOME Consortium members - Lake County, City of North Chicago and City of Waukegan - provide you with this Guide as a tool to help you manage your Housing Fund award smoothly.

Management Guide Format
The Housing Fund Management Guide serves as the basic administrative reference manual for all Housing Fund Project Sponsors. The Guide is divided into four Chapters:
  1. Introduction
  2. Program-Wide Requirements
  3. Federal Requirements
  4. Project-Specific Requirements
Forms and Supplements
The appendices at the end of the Guide contain all referenced forms and supplemental materials for this guide.

Additional Assistance
While this Guide is intended to provide you the information you need to manage a Housing Fund activity, you may encounter problems or have questions you don’t find addressed here. Do not hesitate to call Lake County Community Development for additional assistance. Lake County Community Development staff members - particularly your Project Manager - are available to help you. In addition, HUD and the HUD Exchange are valuable resources for HOME and CDBG programmatic guidance, technical assistance, training opportunities, forms, checklists, etc.

Complete Management Guide
Download the complete guide online. The following forms are available in PDF format through links on the HUD website:

Individual Fillable Forms