Eviction Process Under Foreclosure

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Team is the only entity able to enforce an eviction.

Click to see the current Civil Process Fee Schedule as set by the Lake County Board.

Scheduling Eviction Date

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office schedules eviction dates upon receiving a certified Order Approving Sale, along with an additional copy. The eviction date is generally scheduled following the stay date (usually 30 days). Certified orders approving sale may be obtained at the Lake County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

Evictions are scheduled on the first available date following the stay date. Eviction dates are based on a first come, first serve basis. Upon receipt of the Certified Order Approving Sale, a request may be made to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to schedule the eviction.

Rescheduling an eviction is $109.00 per occurrence. 

If you choose to cancel an eviction, you MUST CANCEL by close of business the day prior to the eviction or you will be billed for the first hour.

Unknown Occupants

If there are any persons occupying the property that are not the homeowner, an eviction cannot be enforced. It is the Plaintiff’s responsibility to check the property for any tenants or “unknown occupants”. If tenants or “unknown occupants” are occupying the residence, the Plaintiff/Plaintiff’s Attorney is required to obtain a Forcible Entry and Detainer Order (PDF) specifically naming “unknown occupants”.

The Plaintiff DOES NOT have the legal right to change locks or prohibit tenant(s) from entering or exiting the premises if an eviction has not been enforced.

Day of Eviction Requirements

On the day of the eviction, the Plaintiff is required to have capable movers and a locksmith (if necessary) at the property at the specified time of the eviction. Tarps and bags may be necessary in case of inclement weather. A Deputy Sheriff will meet the Plaintiff at the address and notify the Plaintiff where to place remaining belongings. Belongings taken out of the property must remain at the designated location for a minimum of 24 hours. Following the 24 hours, it is the responsibility of the Plaintiff to remove the belongings according to the city/municipal ordinances. Please contact the appropriate city/municipality regarding city/municipal ordinances.


Click to view the current Civil Process Fee Schedule as se by the Lake County Board. A one-hour minimum fee is charged and prorated every 15 minutes thereafter. Billing occurs following enforcement of the order, and payment is due upon receipt. Failure to pay may result in immediate legal action.