Liquor Commission

Liquor License

Bars, restaurants, liquor stores, convenience stores and grocery stores located in unincorporated Lake County must apply for a liquor license if they wish to sell alcohol. The County Board Chairman is head of the Liquor Commission and appoints members who vote to issue liquor licenses to individual applicants.

Applicants for liquor licenses must contact the County Board Office at 847-377-2300.
For more information regarding the liquor license process, classifications for which licenses are available, and other pertinent information regarding liquor regulations, please refer to the Liquor Control Ordinance, Chapter 111.

Video Gaming

Licensed establishments are required to obtain and maintain a valid video gaming terminal permit from Lake County to operate any video gaming terminal. Read the Lake County Video Gaming Ordinance for more information. Applicants for gaming permits must contact the County Board Office at 847-377-2300.