Lost Cats

If you are the owner of a pet shown or have found one of the pets shown, please contact Animal Care and Control at 847-377-4700. Please note that none of the pets shown are currently housed at Animal Care and Control.


Lost Pet's ID Number: A707390
Pet Description: Neutered male, grey w/ orange eyes, DSH, 2 years old
Town/Area Lost: Round Lake Beach
Date Last Seen: January 15th, 2019


Lost Pet's ID Number: A765008
Pet Description: Male, Orange & White, DLH, 5 years old
Town/Area Lost: Lake Zurich
Date Last Seen: January 28th, 2019


Lost Pet's ID Number: A766595
Pet Description: female, black w/ two white spots on right side, DMH, 4 years old
Town/Area Lost: Mundelein (Sylvan Lake)
Date Last Seen: February 24, 2019
A766595 Muska


Lost Pet's ID Number: A767129
Pet Description: neutered male, black and white, Manx mix DMH, 4 years old, chipped
Town/Area Lost: Deerfield
Date Last Seen: March 8, 2019
A767129 Smokey


Lost Pet's ID Number: A768471
Pet Description: male, silver tabby, DSH, 1 years old, green inner ring with brown outer ring of eyes
Town/Area Lost: Fox Lake
Date Last Seen: March 27, 2019
A768471 Gilbert


Lost Pet's ID Number:A610391
Pet Description: neutered male, orange tabby, DSH, 6 year old, chipped
Town/Area Lost: Lake Villa
Date Last Seen: April 13, 2019
A610391 Riley


Lost Pet's ID Number:A770018
Pet Description: neutered male, gray and white, DSH, 2 and a half year old
Town/Area Lost: Buffalo Grove
Date Last Seen: April 21, 2019


Lost Pet's ID Number: A770240
Pet Description: DSH, black and white, neutered male, small cyst under left eye
Area/Town Lost: Fox Lake
Date Last Seen: April 21, 2019 
A770240 Apollo


Lost Pet's ID Number: A771379
Pet Description: DSH, white, male, 1 year old, black collar w/flames and tags
Area/Town Lost: Round lake Beach
Date Last Seen: May 10, 2019 
A771379 Nuve


Lost Pet's ID Number: A771993
Pet Description: DSH, brown tiger, spayed female, 19 year old, front declawed
Area/Town Lost: Round Lake
Date Last Seen: May 10, 2019 
A771993 Kitta


Lost Pet's ID Number: A772003
Pet Description: DSH, orange tiger, neutered male, 14 year old, declawed
Area/Town Lost: Gurnee
Date Last Seen: May 10, 2019 
A772003 Tony
Lost Pet's ID Number: A456002
Pet Description: DSH, black, spayed female, 11 year old, Scab on left side of head near left ear and hair loss on hind legs
Area/Town Lost: Lake Villa
Date Last Seen: May 10, 2019 
A456002 Midnight


Lost Pet's ID Number: A773386
Pet Description: Siamese, Chocolate Point, 5 years old, chipped
Area/Town Lost: Wauconda Apple Country Neighborhood
Date Last Seen: June 7, 2019

A773386 Tyed
Lost Pet's ID Number: A773979
Pet Description: DSH, white and brown tabby, 7 years old
Area/Town Lost: Waukegan
Date Last Seen: June 19, 2019
A773979 Skipper