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 Lake County's November Election Statistics As of 10/30/2020 
 Registered Voters 486,315
 Vote by Mail Ballots Requested by Voters 169,392
 Total of Vote by Mail Ballots Returned via U.S. Postal Service 81,437
 Total of Vote by Mail Ballots Returned via Postage-Free Drop Boxes 31,623
 Total of In-person Early Voting at an Early Voting Site 99,984
 Total Ballots Received to Date 213,044

On-Demand Reports

The on-demand report function offers you the ability to sort and view local data for the current election. After selecting a specific district from the drop-down menu, the report will show you:  

  • Number of registered voters in the county
  • Selected district’s name
  • Incumbent’s name, title, party, and contact information
  • Candidate’s name, office, party, and contact information
    (select the “Show only Districts in Election” before selecting desired district)
  • Registered Voters / Polling Places by Referenda District
  • Number of precincts in district
  • Number of registered voters in selected district
  • Precinct numbers in district
  • Voter count in each precinct
  • Election Day voting site, address and photo for each precinct