Flood Information

We are called Lake County for a reason. Roughly 20% of our county is covered by surface water consisting of streams, lakes, wetlands and floodplains. Over the years, following heavy rain events, parts of our county have experienced significant riverline flooding damaging homes and businesses in the floodplain along streams and rivers. We’ve also seen instances of flash flooding, which can happen anywhere. 

Therefore, it's important to know how to prepare and respond to a flood.


Online Resources

Sump Pumps and Storm Sewers 

  • Have your sump pump checked for proper operation. Many sump pumps have plastic impellers that can become damaged and no longer pump water as fast as they should.
  • Check the battery on your back up sump pump to make sure it is properly charged.
  • Check the check valve for proper operation.
  • Check the discharge line on your sump pump to remove bends as much as possible. The amount of water pumped decreases with increasing discharge line length, smaller diameter and any kind of obstructions. The sump pump should discharge at least 10-feet from the home foundation.
  • If you live on a street with storm sewers and drainage swales, regularly clear the storm sewer grates of leaves and other debris, and the conduits underneath driveways.

Information Resources 

There are many types of flood information resources available for owners of property located in Unincorporated Lake County. This information includes FEMA publications and maps, flood safety information, property flood protection measures, floodplain permit requirements and flood insurance information. You may check all that in our flood information brochure (PDF).

Elevation Certificates

The public may also have access to information about Elevation Certificates for parcels in Unincorporated Lake County. This information is made available through the Lake County Building and Engineering Division.

Please call the Building and Engineering Division at 847-377-2081 if you would like to find out if an Elevation Certificate is on file for a particular structure or if you have any questions about flooding and your property.