Ordinance Revisions

Several Lake County Departments are reviewing and updating our ordinances, and we recently invited the public to join us for an open house to review the changes, provide feedback, and ask questions. We had a great turnout and we want to extend our appreciation to everyone who attended the meeting or provided comments electronically. Thank you!

The Ordinance Open House was only one step in the process. If you were unable to attend the meeting, please submit your comments electronically through the project website. Your feedback is very important to us and we want to hear from you!

Division of Transportation

The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) has updated our permitting process and current ordinances regulating highway access and utility and facility placement. The new ordinance, “The Lake County Highway Access and Use Ordinance,” was endorsed by the Lake County Board on July 9, 2019.

The companion document, the Lake County Highway Access and Use Ordinance Technical Reference manual, will be permanently hosted on our website and updated as procedures or standards change. As you start a new project, please ensure you are using the latest information.

Lake County Highway Access and Use Ordinance

Lake County Highway Access and Use Ordinance Technical Reference Manual

Health Department

Lake County Health Department Environmental Health Services is not reviewing any ordinances at this time.

Planning, Building and Development

Lake County Planning, Building and Development is reviewing and updating ordinance standards related to zoning, site development, approval standards, and public processes for properties/projects in unincorporated areas of Lake County. View the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Amendments Executive Summary for additional details about the proposed changes. Information on the following topics will be available at the open house, with the possibility for focus groups to convene for those topics with significant interest at a later date:

Public Works

Lake County Public Works is reviewing and updating three major ordinances: the Sewer Use Ordinance, the Pretreatment Ordinance, and the Water Use Ordinance.These ordinances are being revised and consolidated to update definitions and references, clarify requirements, include Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) mandated programs, and better reflect the current operations and procedures of Lake County Public Works.

Sewer Use Ordinance

Pretreatment Ordinance
Water Use Ordinance

Stormwater Management Commission (SMC)

SMC updated their Watershed Development Ordinance in 2015, so there are no proposed changes at this time, but feedback is always welcome.

Contacts for Additional Questions:

  • Division of Transportation, Joe Meyer - Email, 847-377-7437
  • Health Department, Larry Mackey - Email, 847-377-7788
  • Planning, Building, & Development, Hannah Mulroy - Email, 847-377-2187
  • Public Works, Heather Galan  - Email, 847-377-7141
  • Stormwater Management Commission, Kelcey Traynoff - Email, 847-377-7711