Non-Motorized Accommodations

The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is more than just roads. LCDOT has about 60 miles of bike paths and bike lanes as part of the Lake County highway system and continues to consider non-motorized travel a high priority.

Whenever possible, bike paths are added during a reconstruction and widening project, and bike-friendly shoulders are added where appropriate during resurfacing projects. LCDOT works with municipal agencies and other partners to look for opportunities to connect the dots and fill the gaps in the non-motorized network. Overall, Lake County has over 550 total miles of trails and bike ways connecting forest preserves and communities!

Good transportation policies are based on the premise that the public right-of-way is to be shared and well-designed road corridors should accommodate all users. Not only does this provide more travel options to our residents, but it can also help with:
Cleaner, healthier air
Less congested roadways
More livable, safe and cost-efficient communities

This effort is guided and influenced by Lake County’s Non-Motorized Travel Policy (2010) and the Lake County Year 2040 Transportation Plan, adopted in 2014. The 2040 plan proposes a countywide bike trunk system of facilities through a combination of trail extensions or new paths to accommodate the increasing demand for bicycle travel in Lake County.