Posting Subsequent Taxes After Petitioning

Posting Taxes After Petitioning for Deed

A tax certificate holder may not pay a subsequent tax or special assessment for any year, nor shall any tender of such a payment be accepted, until after the second or final installment of the subsequent tax or special assessment has become delinquent or until after the holder of the certificate of purchase has filed a petition for a tax deed under Section 22.30. The person redeeming shall also pay the amount of interest charged on the subsequent tax or special assessment and paid as a penalty by the tax certificate holder. The $30.00 indemnity fee is required to be added to each property index number being paid. This amended Act of 1995 applies to tax years beginning with the 1995 taxes, payable in 1996, and thereafter.
  • Tax certificate holders that petitioned for tax deed may post current taxes one week after bills are mailed.
  • To begin the posting process, please email your request at least 24 hours prior to payment.

Requirements for Requests

The request should include the following:
  1. Provide a list of PIN numbers separated by each Buyer number.
  2. If you have not posted your circuit clerk filing fees, we will need a copy of each petition.
  3. A representative for the Tax Buyer must appear in person to post the subsequent tax.