Registrations in Lieu of a Permit

Minor Improvements Approved as Registrations

*Minor Improvements that maybe approved through an online registration (some conditions apply).
Re-roofing* - when works is done by licensed roofers
Hoop Houses
Re-siding* - Only Residential Projects
Bee Keeping
Perimeter Fences*
Keeping Chickens
Sheds* - 100 Sq. Ft. or less in area

Note: Projects in violation are not eligible for registration.

How do I apply for a registration?

Option 1: Online registration through the Online Permit ePortal. This option is only available for re-roofing, re-siding, fences and sheds registrations. Certain conditions apply. Please review the conditions before you apply, these conditions are outlined in following sections. Please Note: It is not currently possible to apply online for hoop houses, bee keeping or keeping chickens registrations.

Option 2: Apply in person at the Central Permit Facility, 500 W Winchester Rd., Libertyville. This option is available for all registrations. Registration forms area available online in the Forms Library.


  1. Re-Roofing
  2. Re-siding - Residential
  3. Perimeter Fences
  4. Sheds
  5. Hoop Houses
  6. Bee Keeping
  7. Keeping Chickens


This registration is only available to licensed roofers in good standing with the State of Illinois who are re-roofing residential structures.

Please Note:  a registration can not be used for the following re-roofing projects. This work requires a permit.

  • Work will be performed by homeowners
  • Re-roofing is part of a larger project that involves structural work such as truss work, replacing rafters, interior alterations or additions 
  • It is a commercial project