Most modernization projects are developed based on traffic engineering analysis. Modernization projects reduce delays and increase safety by more efficiently operating the highway system and by accommodating short-term traffic growth.

An example of a modernization project is the installation of left turn lanes and traffic signals at an intersection.

The left turn lane on the main highway will eliminate the back-up of traffic behind a stopped vehicle waiting to turn left into the side street, while the traffic signal will allow traffic on the side street to safely enter the high traffic highway.
Lake County's traffic modeling software uses traffic data along with existing signal timing to review congestion and Level of Service (LOS) at all signalized intersections. This data allows engineers to identify locations where intersection modernization improvements should be considered.

In order to have a better understanding of safety along County highways, Lake County receives processed crash information from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). This information, along with the crash reports completed by local law enforcement, paint a picture of crashes occurring in a specific area and assist engineers to look at roadway improvements that will improve safety for all users.

Other projects in the Modernization category include projects which accommodate bicycle and pedestrian travel, implementation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) elements in Lake County PASSAGE, and the county’s coordination of paratransit service. Modernization projects are normally given second priority.