Teaching Parents About Gangs Program

Sheriff Mark Curran is serious about ending the devastation caused by gangs, guns and drugs and he wants parents to join him in protecting today's youth.

Mission Statement
To assist parents and community leaders in understanding the dangers of gangs in neighborhoods throughout Lake County.  This will be accomplished by collaborating with educational, faith-based, civic and parent organizations throughout the community to provide presentations and develop stronger community relations. The gang awareness program informs parents and community leaders of tactics used by gangs to recruit young people. In addition,  discussing symbols, colors and clothing worn by gang members is offered to assist in identifying potential members. Sharing information about displayed behaviors indicating a child may be involved in/or pressured to join a gang is discussed along with strategies to help prevent them from joining and protect them from retribution.

Further Information
The Sheriff’s Office seeks to collaborate with organizations committed to Keeping Lake County Safe. Programming is free and the public is encouraged to contact Sam Cunningham via email or at 847-377-4088 to schedule a program in their community.